Chocolate crafted for wine connoisseurs

Indulge in the irresistible world of artisanal treats. From freshly baked bread to delectable pastries, we've got your cravings covered.

Everything we bake, we bake with love.

Discover a symphony of flavors that will delight your taste buds. Order online and savor the magic of Bouffe.

Something sweet for everyone.

Delight in delectable treats, catering to all taste buds. Something sweet awaits everyone at Bouffe Bakery and Candy Shop.

A Moment To Yourself
Add sweetness to your life. Endless discovery of a delicious bakery.

Elevate your days with sweetness! Explore an endless array of mouthwatering delights at Bouffe Bakery. From heavenly pastries to artisanal bread, our bakery offers a delightful journey of discovery and indulgence. Add a touch of sweetness to your life with Bouffe.

Cakes make everything better.

Experience the power of cakes to uplift any occasion. Discover irresistible flavors and exquisite designs at Bouffe.

Our Story
Who We Are

We are Bouffe Bakery, a passionate team dedicated to crafting exceptional baked goods for your indulgence. Discover our story.

The bakery will open at 3pm for happy hour and dinner service starting at 5pm. We will continue to offer brunch on weekends from 10am-3pm with bottomless mimosas. We will also continue with our late night lounge on Friday and Saturdays until 2am.

The taste you have been looking for

Satisfy your cravings with the taste you've been longing for. Find culinary perfection at Bouffe.

Traditional hand-dipping techniques that create truly unique confections.

We offer handmade chocolates, truffles, caramels and more.

Feel a sweet experience
Our Bestsellers

Explore our irresistible bestsellers, handcrafted with love and care. Indulge in the flavors that make Bouffe Bakery truly exceptional.

Hazelnut White Chocolate

Decadent blend of hazelnut and white chocolate, a heavenly treat from Bouffe Bakery.

Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

Indulge in the rich harmony of hazelnut and dark chocolate at Bouffe Bakery.

Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate

Experience the perfect crunch with our irresistible hazelnut chocolate creation.

Chef's Special Chocolate

Discover the Chef's special chocolate creation, a divine masterpiece crafted exclusively.



Embark on a sweet story with Bouffe Bakery, where every bite narrates a tale of delightful flavors and blissful moments.

We cook everything fresh from our ovens and create delicious memories. Because life is sweet.

At Bouffe Bakery, we craft culinary delights fresh from our ovens, creating not just delicious treats but also cherished memories. Life is sweet with us.​

The taste of old world style baked goods, today! Quality is our recipe.

Bouffe Restaurant & Coffee Theme

Our Team
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Meet our exceptional team at Bouffe Bakery and Candy Shop, where passion and expertise converge to create culinary wonders. From talented bakers to innovative pastry chefs, each member brings their unique touch, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece.

Jeremy Castro

Jeremy Castro, our master baker, combines skill and creativity to craft irresistible treats that will leave you craving for more.

Duane Clement
French Cuisine

Duane Clement, our pastry chef extraordinaire, transforms simple ingredients into edible works of art that will dazzle your taste buds.

Santiago Heard
Asian Cuisine

Santiago Heard, our talented chocolatier, infuses passion and precision into every handmade chocolate creation, bringing joy to your palate.

Take your family and friends together. Happiness is in bakeries products. Time to have something sweet.

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