Bouffe Wine 1965

Embark on a journey through time with Bouffe Wine 1965. This vintage masterpiece captivates with its rich flavors and elegant profile. Indulge in a sip of history and savor the enchantment of this remarkable wine. A true connoisseur's delight.


Experience the allure of Bouffe Wine 1965, a vintage gem that embodies decades of craftsmanship. With its complex flavors and velvety texture, this exceptional wine promises a remarkable tasting journey. Indulge in the elegance and sophistication of this timeless masterpiece.

  • 1
    Fiber 2.2G
  • 2
    Fat 3.1G
  • 3
    Cholesterol 65MG
  • 4
    Protein 1.5G
  • 5
    Calories 170KCAL
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